Sunday, 6 October 2013

Egypt's Intifada

A tsunami where humans have fallen
Ends backpacking from Egypt to Jordan; 

The olive trees spill their fruits on the streets
And caused politicians, to quit their seats; 

On the tombs of the Pharaohs much wailing
Because they have been barred from e-mailing;

An immense volcano has erupted;
Peace of a nation so vastly ruptured.

 Hosni Mubarak surfs in Waterloo;
 Obama's West Wing ponders what to do. 

 The water is deadly cold on all fronts;
 Egyptians strike back at Mubarak's stunts.

 Now the eighty-two year old President
 Hosni Mubarak, is their detriment. 

Years of bottled anger sadly unleashed;
Genie in bottle looks for a new niche. 

Dinosaur, please go with your monarchy,
Jobs and ladders needed, not poverty. 

The virus of the Jasmine has attacked;
 Mubarak measures ways to save his back. 

Meanwhile cutthroats, thieves and liars are out,
Police vexed as hell, since they lost their clout. 

World watched and waited to see what comes next,
The Arab Spring has become hypertext.

For years the world thought Egypt was peaceful;
Now Pharaoh must listen to his people. 

Move fast to kneel and bake the people's loaves;
Guests are fleeing by the thousands in droves. 

Stop the hemorrhaging of your people now;
From US come the building blocks of know how. 

Deliver on democracy's promise;
Folks don't care for your bloody synopsis! 

Bring out paper plates without the pat-down;
Let them say who should wear Pharaoh's last crown. 

President Mubarak! You must man-up;
Stubborn ways, and rigid mind, please give-up.

Democracy is asleep, for so long;
"Change is coming", El Baradei tells throng.

© Paterika Hengreaves
January 30, 2011/8:29 PM

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